Finding Relief From Back Pain

Visit A Massage Therapist If You Have These Issues

Visiting a massage therapist is an effective way to get relief for your achy muscles that have been affecting your quality of sleep or that arise after a long day sitting at work. However, there are many other beneficial reasons to book an appointment with this hands-on health practitioner. Massage is a viable way to treat a variety of different ailments and is beneficial because it's an alternative to surgical procedures and medication. Whether you've found a trusted massage therapist for your muscle pain or you've never tried this form of treatment, booking an appointment is ideal if you have any of the three following health issues.

High Stress

Nearly half of Americans feel that their stress level has increased over the last five years, while 20 percent of Americans deal with extreme stress. If you're among either group, or just more stressed than you'd like, a trip to your massage therapist can aid in the healing process. Massage reduces stress by lowering your body's cortisol level. This stress-causing hormone is often responsible for the anxiety you feel. Additionally, the relaxing, rhythmic nature of a massage can help you relax and feel less on edge. Many massage therapists can also provide some home-based solutions for stress that you can practice on your own, such as breathing exercises.

Low Range Of Motion

Decreased range of motion is something that can develop as you age, especially if you don't frequently perform stretching exercises or yoga. This form of muscle tightness can make you feel limited in daily activities and even stiff and sore. Your massage therapist will work on your problematic areas to loosen the muscle fibers and release any tight areas. Through this treatment, you'll eventually be able to move your arms, legs, torso and neck with greater range of motion, which can significantly improve how you feel physically.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition in your wrists that often develops after years of sitting at a desk and can ultimately require surgical intervention to relief your pain. Massage therapy for this condition can provide relief through working on the pressure points and various sore spots around your wrists to remove pressure on the nerves. Your massage therapist will additionally speak to you about some lifestyle changes that can be beneficial for your wrist health, such as getting up and moving around at regular intervals of sitting on the computer. 

If you're in need of help for any of these conditions, massage therapy by Cabana Court Chiropractic or other local massage therapists can help.