Finding Relief From Back Pain

Beyond The Back: Three Ways Older Adults Can Benefit From A Chiropractic Adjustment

If you don't suffer from back pain, the idea of visiting a chiropractor may never have crossed your mind. However, all adults can benefit from regular chiropractic care -- it does more than keep your back pain-free. Here's a look at three benefits you can enjoy, as an older adult -- even if you've never had a backache in your life.

Better Immunity

The nerves running through your spine, known as your spinal nerves, control every system in your body, including your immune system. If one of your vertebrae are slightly out of alignment, it may not be putting enough strain on your muscles to cause back pain -- but it could still be pressing on one of the nerves related to your immune system. Your chiropractor can alleviate the pressure by adjusting your spine. As a result, your immune system will function better. You may come down with fewer colds, have fewer allergy symptoms, and in the long-term, reduce your risk of immune-related illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome.

Better Sleep

Even if your spine is not misaligned to the point of causing you back pain, it may make it tough to find a comfortable position when sleeping. Plus, a misaligned spine can put pressure on nerves that help control your hormone and stress levels. So, when your spine is well adjusted, you'll often have an easier time drifting off and staying asleep at night. With better sleep, your mood will improve even more, leading to a complete increase in your quality of life. You'll be better prepared to face each day and probably even more productive at work!

Fewer aches and pains throughout your body.

Sometimes, spinal misalignments cause pain elsewhere, rather than directly in your back. Misalignments in certain areas can lead to hip pain, abdominal pain, and even soreness in your neck. When your spine is out of alignment, you don't always distribute weight and strain evenly between your legs. This can cause more soreness and pain, especially after exercise or after spending all day on your feet. With your spine in proper alignment, your muscles will be free to do their jobs to the fullest -- so you'll be less prone to injuries and soreness.

Even if your back feels fine, it's important to see the chiropractor once a month for adjustments. One visit, and you'll be convinced! To learn more, speak with a chiropractor like Centerpointe Chiropractic - Lou Rossi DC about the services they offer and their benefits.