Finding Relief From Back Pain

Get Help For Your Back Pain

If you have a problem with your back that leaves you dealing with back pain on a regular basis, then you want to have an arsenal of tools available to you that you can turn to in order to get some relief. This article will introduce you to many different methods you can use to give yourself relief from a painful back.

Use ice or heat on your sore back

Putting ice on your sore back will help you to feel better and it helps to bring down inflammation. You don't want to keep ice on your back for longer than twenty minutes at a time. If you are hurting from an ongoing injury, then you can also use heat. However, heat should not be used in the first few days of a new injury because it can cause the inflammation to get worse. A great way for you to have access to coldness or heat is to put uncooked rice in a tube sock and close it tightly at the open end. Put it in the freezer for cold and the microwave for about 30 to 60 seconds for heat.

Use a tens unit on your back

A tens unit is a relatively small device that has wires that connect to pads with a gel sticky coating. You put the pads on the areas where you are hurting the most and adjust the tens unit to the proper setting. It will send an electronic pulse to the pads that will then go through your back to help you feel better. You can get a small unit that is portable so you can strap it onto your clothing and can wear the unit while you are out and about.

Go to a physical therapist

Going to a physical therapist can really help with your back pain. They have a lot of ways of helping your back. They will teach you how to do your daily chores differently so they don't put added stress on your back. They will also show you stretches and exercises you can do that will help relax your muscles, strengthen your back muscles and improve your mobility. They may also have you exercise on some of the equipment they have at their center so they can supervise you to make sure you are doing the exercises properly.

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