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3 Questions You Might Have About Going To A Chiropractor

Going to the chiropractor is good for you for so many reasons. Chiropractors are the proffered medical treatment for many people because of its many benefits. Here are some things that you should know about chiropractors.

Will A Chiropractor Give Me Medicine?

One of the first questions that many people ask is if they are going to be prescribed some kind of medication when they go to a chiropractor. The answer to that is, no. A chiropractor will never give you mediation; in fact, they are not licensed to do so. Instead, a chiropractor will heal the body naturally. They will do something called an adjustment where they encourage the body to function properly and heal itself rather than introduce harmful medications.

For example, if you have a simple infection, they can boost the immune system to fight the infection better rather than give you an antibiotic. For people who are antibiotic resistant, who are trying to avoid antibiotics, or who are allergic, a chiropractor is a great alternative.

What Kind Of Clothes Should I Wear To A Chiropractor?

An adjustment will involve your whole body. The chiropractor will have you lie down on a table, much like a massage table, and they will help to move your limbs and your body in a way that helps to kind of pop the joints back into place. It feels like a mix between getting a massage, and having your joints popped. For this reason, you should wear clothing that is easy to move in. You won't have to remove your clothes, you can still completely clothed with the exception of your shoes. But you should wear pants that you can move in, preferably no jeans, and a shirt that is comfortable.

In addition, after the adjustment they might have you lie down on an electric table that will massage and roll out your back, so you will want to be in comfortable clothing for that.

Do I Have To Keep Going To Get Results?

The reason you are at the chiropractor will help to determine if you need to keep going. If you are there for a simple treatment for a sinus infection, then once to twice will probably be enough. However, you have been in a car accident and have lasting effects of whiplash, you might need to go more. It all depends on your body and your reason for being there.

By understanding these things you can determine if a chiropractor is right for you.