Finding Relief From Back Pain

How A Chiropractic Adjustment Can Help With Head, Neck, And Back Pain

If you're having problems with a headache, neck pain, or back pain, a chiropractic adjustment might help. Sometimes, pain can be caused by pressure on a nerve that runs along the spine because the vertebrae are out of alignment. This could result in neck pain or a headache even if the pinched nerve is lower in your spine. A chiropractic treatment works to restore the normal position and movement of your spine so pressure on nerves is released. Here's what you can expect from one of these adjustments:

How A Chiropractic Adjustment Is Given

You'll probably be positioned on your side or stomach on a table depending on the area being treated. Then the chiropractor uses the pressure of quick and strong thrusts to move your spine in just the right way to relieve your pain. It may seem like the chiropractor is just pushing randomly against your back, but the treatments are very precise. This is what makes chiropractic care so safe.

When you receive a treatment, you may hear your back pop or crack with each adjustment. This is the sound of air being released along with pressure that is built up in your spine. You might notice an instant feeling of relief from this release. While these treatments seem forceful, your chiropractor is careful to adjust the treatment to your condition. If you have a back injury or other medical condition, you may be treated in a gentler manner. You may start with heat treatments or massage until you can tolerate an adjustment.

How You Feel After A Treatment

You might feel less pain after a single treatment, but you might need to take a few treatments over several weeks until you notice a big difference. One reason for this is inflammation. While an adjustment might realign your spine, it may take several days for the inflammation to go away. Inflammation can press on your nerve and cause irritation and pain as well. Inflammation might even interfere with the results of the adjustment. That's why you might not notice an instant relief of your pain. However, you might feel better after a single treatment due to the release of pressure and the relaxing effect of the treatment.

When To Have A Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments treat a wide range of conditions. Your chiropractor takes a thorough physical examination along with a review of your medical history to make sure the treatments are suitable for you. If you have pain from an injury, poor posture, or other reason, then a chiropractic treatment might help. If the treatments work for you, they may help you avoid prescription or over-the-counter medications and other medical procedures that could have more serious side effects.