Finding Relief From Back Pain

Going Straight To The Nerve Of It: Stopping Back Pain Relief Via The Nervous System

Chiropractors are very good at finding where you have alignment issues in your back. These issues dictate what kind of pain you feel and how much pain you feel. Besides providing you with back pain relief via spinal adjustments, the chiropractor can do all of the following treatments for back pain by focusing on your nervous system.

Upper Back Support

Women with large breasts often find that it is very difficult for them to stand erect. The weight of their breasts in front causes them to slouch, and it causes their shoulders to droop. Then they feel pain in their shoulders and upper back.

Chiropractors can treat this type of back pain by prescribing a special garment. Women can either buy and wear the undergarment version, or wear the over-the-clothes version. (Given that the garment often provides support from underneath your breasts, it tends to draw attention to your chest area. Hence, you might prefer the undergarment version.)

This treatment garment has a very stiff back support panel with straps that pull your shoulders back and up. As your posture is corrected and your breasts receive extra support from underneath, you are able to sit and stand upright. Upper back pain is still present for the first few weeks that you wear the garment, but eventually the pain diminishes. The back panel also provides greater pressure on the nerves of the upper back, causing a sort of pressure-point block that relieves pain.

Electrical Impulse Stimulation

Your entire spinal column and nervous system is one giant bioelectric signal box. You feel pain in your back when the nerves are partially prevented from sending signals. When your chiropractor finds out where the nerves are squeezed or trapped, he/she can use an electrical impulse stimulation device.

Little sensors are placed on your bare back, and then the chiropractor flips a switch that sends little electrical impulses through the sensors and your skin to the nerves. Initially, you might feel twinges of pain, but as treatment continues, you should only feel a sort of tickling sensation. At the very least, these pain-relieving, bioelectric impulses quiet the angry nerves long enough for the chiropractor to make spinal adjustments. Hopefully, your pain will be permanently relieved.

Deep Compression Massage

It almost seems counter-intuitive, but when you add more pressure to nerves that register pain, less pain is registered. This is because you are cutting off the signals from the nerves to the brain with deep pressure. If the brain cannot receive the signals from the registering nerves, it cannot translate them as pain.

That said, many chiropractors recommend deep compression massage therapy. Patients who have had this form of therapy report an initial increase in pain as the therapist leans into the painful areas. Then, after a few seconds, patients cannot feel the pain at all. Tension is also released through touch. Tension can magnify pain, so the deep compression massages do double duty to relieve your back pain.

Nerve Blockers

Chiropractors typically do not inject nerve blockers into your spine. That job is reserved for an anesthesiologist. However, a chiropractor can refer you to an anesthesiologist. If an anesthesiologist works in the same clinic for the treatment of pain, then it is rather convenient.

You could see your chiropractor first, and the anesthesiologist second. Then you could go home with no pain in your back and be able to function normally for a few days until your body disperses the nerve blockers and flushes them from your system. During this time, move very little at first, as your legs may feel numb. Then you can move as much as you want, or until the pain returns.

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