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Legal But Risky Actions That Could Increase Your Chance Of A Collision That Causes Injury

A motor vehicle accident can leave you in physical pain and in need of care from a chiropractor. Although many accidents aren't your fault, it can be a tough pill to swallow to know that your own decisions behind the wheel were contributing factors to your accident and subsequent pain.

For example, if you were driving far too quickly on an icy road, slid into the ditch, and flipped your car, you have no one to blame but yourself. There are a number of other ways that you can increase your likelihood of getting in an accident without necessarily driving improperly. Here are some legal but risky actions that you should especially be careful when performing.

Turning Right On A Red

Turning right on a red light is legal at most intersections, but that doesn't mean that it's always safe to do. Many people don't give much thought to turning right on a red, but you always need to make sure to come to a full stop and look in the direction of oncoming traffic. If no one is in the oncoming lane, check to ensure that someone else isn't merging into that lane. Getting in an accident during this activity could leave you with a nasty whiplash injury, given the speed at which you'd likely be hit.

Backing Up In A Parking Lot

Backing into a lane in a retail parking lot occurs at a slow speed, but it can also lead to a collision that leaves you in pain. In this environment, motorists are often distracted and not watching for hazards. Someone who is looking for an empty spot may not see the tail of your car emerge from your spot, and could make contact. You could wind up with a whiplash injury or a lower back or neck injury from your body twisting, even if the collision occurred at a slow speed.

Driving In Someone's Blind Spot

Spending prolonged time in another motorist's blind spot on the highway is a bad decision, even if it's not illegal. This mistake can be easy to make, too, but you should endeavor to be cognizant of your surroundings. A driver who doesn't see you may merge into you. This could cause you to take evasive actions to avoid a collision, which may make you lose control of your vehicle and end up in the ditch — likely nursing a sore back and perhaps other parts of your body. Remember, the best way to avoid being in a car accident that leaves you needing chiropractic care is to always be looking to limit risky actions when you're behind the wheel.

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