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Three Clients For Whom "Crackless" Chiropractic Care Is Ideal

Some chiropractic clinics advertise "crackless" treatments. In other words, the chiropractors are able to successfully adjust several areas of your body without a traditional form of adjustment that causes the joint to emit a cracking sound. At some clinics, crackless treatments are referred to as the "Koren Specific Technique," a refined form of chiropractic care, although some clinics may simply advertise with the crackless verbiage. Regardless of how the clinic markets this form of treatment, it can be beneficial for everyone and especially ideal for certain types of clients, including the following:


Youths can benefit from chiropractic care in a variety of ways, whether you have an adolescent who has sustained a sports injury or an infant who sleeps in an awkward position that may affect his or her back health. One of the challenges that you can encounter when you take a youth to the chiropractor, however, is that he or she may be anxious about cracking. A youth who doesn't sit still while his or her joints are being cracked can make it difficult for the chiropractor to accurately treat the various joints in the body. Crackless chiropractic care can allow the practitioner to treat the youth without him or her getting anxious.

The Squeamish

Some adults are squeamish about joints popping. For example, such an individual may wince when someone sitting nearby cracks his or her own knuckles. This type of person may be able to benefit from chiropractic care, but may also be resistant to schedule an appointment because of concerns over the cracking sound. Crackless care can thus be valuable. When the client knows that a cracking sound isn't coming, he or she will be more apt to relax on the chiropractor's table. Conversely, the client may get tense out of fear of hearing a crack, which may reduce the impact of the adjustments.

Those In Severe Pain

When your joint cracks during a chiropractic adjustment, there can sometimes be a brief sensation that not every client favors. If a client is in severe pain, perhaps as a result of an acute injury, the feeling of a traditional adjustment may be undesirable. A chiropractor who can offer crackless treatments, however, will be the perfect match for this type of client. If you fit one of the above categories and believe that you can benefit from chiropractic care, call a few clinics in your community to inquire about crackless treatments.

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