Finding Relief From Back Pain

3 Reasons Prolonged Sitting Can Cause Your Back To Hurt

You spend the day at the office in your chair, you sit in your car for a long commute on the way home, and when you get home, you fix dinner and sit at the table. After dinner, you sit and watch television or play on your phone, laptop, or another device. By the end of the day, your back is aching, and you probably wonder why that is the case when you've not been all that active. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, back pain can actually come from sitting too much. Many people discover this when working with a chiropractor to help with their back pain. Take a look at some of the reasons prolonged sitting can cause back pain. 

You put a lot of pressure on your spine when you sit. 

Even though it may seem like sitting would have the opposite effect, sitting actually puts your spine under more stress than what it is under when you are standing. According to Start Standing, you put 90 percent more pressure on your spine when you are sitting down than you do when you are standing up. Throughout the day, prolonged sitting takes a toll on your spine because of the undue stress, which can explain why you experience back pain. 

You probably do not sit with the most proper posture in mind. 

Maintaining proper posture when you are sitting is an important thing, but it is not something that a lot of people actually do. If you slump, do not hold your feet in a good position, or lean forward in your chair, you can cause your spine to be under even more stress than it usually would. More specifically, the upper spine and neck will often pay the price because you are not holding the spine in a balanced position. Too many hours of this and your back will feel achy and fatigued. 

You are sitting for too long without taking enough breaks. 

Even if you are standing in one position, it is important to take breaks often to keep the spine and body more flexible. However, even if you are sitting, it is important to take frequent breaks for those same reasons. If you are sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time, it can cause you to lose that limber flexibility that your spine needs to support you as you walk and move.

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