Finding Relief From Back Pain

Car Accident Chiropractor Treatments: Reducing Inflammation And Restoring Mobility

If you're injured in an auto accident, finding a path to recovery can feel impossible. Fortunately, car accident chiropractic treatments can put you on a path to recovery. Here are some common auto accident chiropractor treatments you might consider when you're recovering from a car wreck.

Reducing Inflammation

When your body suffers trauma, it produces inflammation as a protective mechanism. That's the reason your ankle swells when you roll it or your hand puffs up when you get a mosquito bite. For car accidents, inflammation can make you feel stiff and uncomfortable.

Ice and Compression: one of the most common car accident chiropractor treatments involves compressing and icing an area with persistent inflammation. For instance, if you experience swelling in your lower back, your auto accident chiropractor might wrap the area with a compression sleeve and administer treatments of cryotherapy. Your chiropractor can also send you home with cold compress wraps for you to use between treatments. As your inflammation diminishes, so should your discomfort and stiffness.

E-stem and Acupuncture: other common car accident chiropractor treatments channel very modern and very ancient approaches to help reduce inflammation. Acupuncture and dry needling stimulate neural pathways in the central nervous system by inserting small needles in an inflamed area. This ancient Eastern approach to anti-inflammation might look painful, but the best chiropractors make the process completely painless. Modern updates to acupuncture incorporate electronic stimulation (e-stem). This involves sending a gentle electric current through an area to relax muscles with micro contractions. When paired together, e-stem and acupuncture can rapidly decrease inflammation from an auto accident.

Restoring Mobility

The goal of any auto accident chiropractic treatment is to restore your previous quality of life and health. For most people, this means being mobile enough to work, play, and enjoy life as they had before.

Anti-Gravity: after an auto accident, your spine, hips, and other areas might be too weak or injured to complete weight-bearing exercises like walking or jogging. Because exercise stimulates blood flow and makes you feel good, finding ways to walk or jogging while you're recovering from an auto accident can be difficult. Chiropractors can utilize an anti-gravity treadmill to reduce the load exerted on your body while you're recovering from an auto accident. For instance, your chiropractor can start you walking or jogging at 30% of your normal body weight and add 10-20% per week as your strength and mobility improves.