Finding Relief From Back Pain

Advice For Those Looking To Use Decompression Therapy For Lower Back Pain

If you have lower back pain that's not going away regardless of what treatments you pursue, you might look into decompression therapy. It's a non-surgical treatment involving motorized traction. You can have this performed by most chiropractors today. You'll just want to do these things when pursuing this option to find relief. 

Have Chiropractor Thoroughly Assess Spine First

In order to know exactly what type of adjustments you need from decompression therapy, you should let a chiropractor thoroughly examine your spine and lower back pain symptoms first. This won't take that long because they'll have professional equipment like x-ray machines to see exactly what's going on with your lower back.

They can then make a note of red flags that may be causing your lower back pain in the first place. From here, the chiropractor can plan out decompression therapy to ensure it gives you the best chance of finding lasting relief without negative side effects.

See How Many Treatments Are Needed

Something to note about decompression therapy for lower back pain is you'll probably have to go in for multiple treatments to see meaningful results. As such, it's a good idea to ask your chiropractor just how many treatments make the most sense based on the severity of your back pain and its location.

Then you can adequately prepare for decompression therapy and subsequently get the most out of it. Every patient is different in terms of the number of adjustments they need using a motorized track system. Just commit to what your chiropractor recommends after they have time to study your progress after each session.

Follow Chiropractor's Instructions Post-Treatment

Decompression therapy is going to manipulate your spine in certain ways to help get rid of lower back pain. To maximize the results you're able to have though, you need to follow your chiropractor's advice post-treatment. There may be certain things you can and can't do after all and you need to know what these things are to find sustainable pain relief.

For instance, your chiropractor may not want you sitting up a certain way or they may want you laying down with additional support between your legs. Just follow their instructions perfectly after each adjustment.

Having to deal with lower back pain can be aggravating, but decompression therapy is a great way to deal with it since it doesn't involve surgery. You'll just need to research this form of therapy and take advice from a chiropractor managing it.