3 Reasons Prolonged Sitting Can Cause Your Back To Hurt

You spend the day at the office in your chair, you sit in your car for a long commute on the way home, and when you get home, you fix dinner and sit at the table. After dinner, you sit and watch television or play on your phone, laptop, or another device. By the end of the day, your back is aching, and you probably wonder why that is the case when you've not been all that active.

Is Your Back Killing You?

While the pain in your back more than likely isn't really killing you, it might be so bad that you feel like it could. Were you hurt while playing sports? Maybe you were injured on the job. Or, it might be that you are a homemaker and you hurt your back while doing heavy chores right in your own home. No matter the reason that your back is experiencing tremendous pain, from trying at-home treatments yourself to arranging for chiropractic treatment, here are some ideas that might help you.